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Department: Marine Invasions Lab

The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) leads research on coastal ecosystems—where the land meets the sea—to inform real-world decisions for wise policies, best business practices, and a sustainable planet.

In the Marine Invasions Lab on the west coast, our core mission is to track the pulse of biotic change in the estuaries and coastlines along the Pacific Coast of North America. We identify non-native species in San Francisco Bay and surrounding coastlines, from Alaska to Panama, learn how their life cycles work in these new environs, and determine what effects they might be having on resident communities. We seek, in short, to make the consequences of moving species to strange new oceans both known and predictable, including how these species will interact with changing climate regimes.

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Smithsonian crowdsourced community science project on fouling organisms
Smithsonian community science monitoring program for invasive marine species in Alaska and the west coast with downloadable species guides

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On Demand Event

Join the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center for a closer look at what invasive species are, where they are invading, and how they get there.