Uncover STEM in Bread Making!

The Bread Project has an awesome treat planned for this Bay Area Science Festival event by exposing participants to the use of STEM in bread making.

Bread making needs the use of scientific knowledge, observational skills, and the mathematical knowledge of measuring. Fresh bread that comes out golden brown, warm, and aromatic with steam from the oven is made knowingly or unknowingly using STEM in the baking process. Oftentimes, principles of physics, chemistry or biology are applied without even knowing in baking.

The objective of our presentation is to dig a little deeper into the science behind baking. We will explain scientific reasons behind the requirements and changes in each stage of bread making. We will explain the principles of physics, chemistry, biology, and other fields of science, which are used without even knowing in baking for many.


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How to make your own starter
Sourdough bread recipe
Bread making process

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The Bread Project was founded as a California nonprofit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation in December 2000. Lucie Buchbinder and Susan Phillips, specialists in subsidized housing, created the organization to help low-income housing tenants obtain job skills training and become self-sufficient. After a successful beginning at the San Francisco baking Institute in South San Francisco. The Bread Project transformed East Bay and partnered with Berkeley Adult School and Oakland Unified. School District. Adult and Career ….