TeenTechSF COVID-19 Data Analysis with Python

October 25, 2020, 3:00 pm

4:00 pm

During the TeenTechSF COVID-19 Data Analysis Workshop, you will develop a database using Python to analyze open source COVID-19 data from Johns Hopkins University and other public sources to understand the impact of exponential growth, compare differences between regions, and examine effects of efforts to control spread.

COVID-19 data is collected by various research organizations for daily analysis in real time. Anyone can access this open source data and use data science tools to reach his/her own conclusions. In this workshop, we will use online Jupyter notebooks to load the COVID-19 data and use pandas, matplotlib and plotly to create tables and graphs to find out what the data is telling us. How do we model exponential growth? How do different countries compare? Is the pandemic slowing down? How did shelter in place help? Come join us to find out about useful data science tools and do some Python coding!

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Download covid.zip file from given link.
Follow instructions to upload COVID-19 data.

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