Es-Car-Go Design and Build Challenge

This  event offers a limited number of free materials kits.  Please be sure to order by the date indicated by using the link to the sign up form.
***Update: all 200 free material kits have been claimed.

After youth register, they will receive a bag of materials in the mail to help fulfill the design and build challenge: design, build, and test a vehicle that can move on its own while carrying a payload of an egg. Youth may design, build, and test – do-it-yourself style – their small vehicle using the materials provided along with any other household materials. We recommend craft sticks, cardboard, foam, aluminum foil, paper clips, binder clips, or part of an egg carton. You may also want to use hot glue or other glue, rubber bands, or tape. Other helpful tools may include pliers, drills, or scissors.

When complete, youth are asked to email photos or a link to a video of them testing their vehicle and talking about their experience. We will post photos and videos for others to view at:

UC 4-H will mail material bags that include: motor, battery case (you will need to provide a AA battery), gear pack, two front wheels, two gear wheels, wood base and axles. Youth may provide any other materials.




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The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program promotes hands-on, experiential learning for all youth ages 5-19. Our 4-H programs are delivered locally through the county University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) offices. Find your county UCCE office. The UCCE offices are managed through the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR). UC ANR has been extending research-based information to community partners, farmers, individuals, collaborators, councils and schools for over 100 years.