Atlas Robotics VEX Robot Demonstration

In this video Robotics students will be giving a demonstration of mechanism design and testing. They will be demonstrating their competition robot for the VEX Robotics Change Up game using various physics concepts and will be explaining the separate mechanisms. Atlas Robotics is comprised of four individuals who compete in VEX Robotics and each led world winning teams have started their own organization this year. In this 8 minute video, they touch on this year’s VEX Robotics challenge and give a demonstration of their team’s competition robot in hopes of inspiring the youth to join robotics. They give a short tour of our robotics workspace and explain this year’s game. Next, they explain basic engineering concepts, from mechanical structures to subsystems to electronic sensors, and how our robot functions.

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Atlas Robotics is a competitive robotics organization based in Dublin, California that aims to design and build cutting-edge robots. Atlas Robotics also participates in various outreach events to inspire future generations to pursue a career in STEM. We hope to pass our knowledge of robotics and initiate STEM interest among young and underrepresented groups.