A Very Spine-Tingling Spider Screening with KQED’s Deep Look

October 22, 2020, 6:30 pm

7:30 pm

KQED’s DEEP LOOK science video series team presents a special 10th Anniversary Bay Area Science Festival virtual screening and discussion!

Join us for a screening of three of DEEP LOOK’s most spine-tingling spider episodes: Secrets of The Orb Weaver; Turret Spiders’ Tiny Towers of Terror; and The Dating Lives of Black Widows.

You’ll hear from DEEP LOOK’s producers and cinematographers about how they captured these spiders’ amazing behavior on camera. Plus, spider experts will answer all your sticky spider questions and reveal why there’s more to these creepy-crawly arachnids than meets the eye.

Speakers Include:
Ashley Adams, Ph.D. Candidate, Chemical Ecology and Evolution, UC Berkeley
Josh Cassidy, Cinematographer and Lead Producer, KQED’s DEEP LOOK
Trent Pearce, Naturalist, East Bay Regional Park District
Mike Seely, Producer, KQED’s DEEP LOOK
James Starrett, Project Scientist, Department of Entomology, UC Davis

More about DEEP LOOK:
DEEP LOOK, KQED’s award-winning science and nature series, creates short videos about small animals and plants that are filmed very close up in beautiful ultra-high-definition to give viewers a look at the natural world that humans rarely get to see or experience. See Deep Look’s full video collection here: KQED.org/DEEPLOOK

Watch a recording of the Event below:


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