Chevron is proud to have supported the Bay Area Science Festival since its inception ten years ago. At Chevron we support science, technology, engineering and math education to help students develop real-world problem solving and critical-thinking skills, preparing them for the opportunities ahead.

Career Videos

Carmen Montano,
Facilities Engineer

Facilities engineers are the masterminds who oversee all the essential aspects of maintaining a facility, whether for planning new projects or improving existing facilities. They ensure optimal facility operations by designing, constructing, and managing all infrastructure components.

Kaylin Buscovich,
Operations Supervisor

Operations Supervisors use strong communication skills in order to collect data from staff which they use to analyze and report on the overall efficacy of the field of supervision. They have a great attention- to-detail that allows them to find solutions to both simple and complex problems, using innovative designs.

Matt Hole,
Design Engineer

Design engineers are visionary planners who develop innovative solutions to problems using technical knowledge, design skills, and mathematical expertise. They use computers extensively for design and prototype, and can be found in a range of sectors solving problems for both the long-term and the day-to-day.

Jesica Holley,
Drilling Engineer

Petroleum Drilling Engineers are the scientists who explore below Earth for the best places to find oil and natural gas using criteria such as the efficiency of retrieval, safety, and profitability of deposit. They will often specialize in an aspect of drilling operations such as reservoir engineering, drilling engineering, completions engineering, and production engineering.

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